Tipsy Udder Royalty Card Disclaimer

The Tipsy Udder Royalty Card is a rewards program offered to customers of our ice cream shop in Bonita Springs, Florida. For every $5 spent on ice cream, a hole will be punched in the card. Once the card is fully punched, customers will have one chance to spin the prize wheel for a chance to win a prize. Please note that the customer will only be eligible to win one prize per card. The one-month supply of ice cream is limited to one small cone or cup per day, starting from the day of the prize redemption and expires 30 days later. Waffle cones alcohol infused ice creams are not included in this prize. Other prizes may include a single free small ice cream cone or cup. The Tipsy Udder reserves the right to modify or discontinue the program at any time.

Remember, "Life is uncertain, but ice cream is a sure thing.