We just love ice cream!

Tipsy Cow started in the streets of Bonita Springs, Florida. We created all of our flavors roaming down the aisles of the grocery store hand picking our ingredients. 

So what even is Tipsy Udder anyway??? We're the newest ice cream concept in Bonita Springs that combines the world's best gourmet ice cream with a fun loving atmosphere. When you first enter the shop, the look will surprise you. Our goal is for every person to leave with a smile on their face. And guess what.... IT HAPPENS! 

When you combine the talents of a mixologist and a pharmacist...the result is a unique, but "Udderly Delicious," ice cream shop full of surprises! Our flavors will put a smile on your face no matter if you're 2 or 102. 

Stop by and experience the best ice cream you'll ever have!